A business by merchants,
for the merchants.

The best possible solutions for card processing at the lowest prices.

About Us

Swivl Payments is first and foremost a merchant service provider, whose payment processing solutions provide merchants with unparalleled customer service, state of the art equipment and most importantly, significant cost savings that will compound from a monthly, quarterly to yearly basis.

Our goal?

It’s actually quite simple. To offer their merchants the best possible solutions for card processing at the lowest prices. To provide small businesses services benchmarked by transparency and accuracy. And finally, to foster the best overall experience for business owners while helping them thrive.

A Team

The team behind Swivl Payments wants merchants to view them as their partners, rather than just another service provider. They envision a relationship built on trust, where merchants crucial monies, that are better spent reinvested in their businesses, than wasted on processing fees – especially in these trying times.


With over 10 years combined experience in business, founders of Swivl Payments realized that they could provide small and medium sized businesses with much needed and much better credit card processing services for merchant processing.

By combining their unique backgrounds, expertise, and relationships, Swivl Payments provides merchants with the best merchant processing solutions on the market.


Having built several businesses from the ground-up themselves, we understand that business owners are being overcharged for processing services POS and terminals. Most importantly, we understand that for small and medium sized businesses to succeed and prosper – every dollar counts.